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Kaichen Li
Head of WeTV & iFlix, Tencent
Kaichen Li joined Tencent in 2015 and currently he is the head of WeTV and iFlix, oversees daily business operation from content acquisition and production, marketing, sales to product and technology. Kaichen built up WeTV operation from scratch in 2019 and led the recent asset acquisition deal of iFlix. Before leading the oversea video business, Kaichen was the strategy director in Tencent and helped Tencent Video to set the key strategy to win the competition in China market.

Prior to Tencent, Kaichen worked in McKinsey as an experienced consultant covers both traditional industries and Internet companies.
Dialogue with Industry Leaders: WeTV & iflix (Tencent)
Date: 15 March, 2021 (Monday)
Time: 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM