Inno Design Tech Expo 2015
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Ideas & Trends Seminars

Creativity for Business Track
3 December, 2015 (Thursday)
10:30 AM -
12:30 PM
(T1) Comfortable and Environment-friendly Design from Japan
The seminar introduces how to realise quality life by focusing on architecture design from Kyoto which is the ancient city with the longest history in Japan as well as traditional crafts from TsubameSanjo.
Language: Japanese & English (Simultaneous interpretation in English & Japanese)
Venue:Seminar Room A
Speaker: Isato Kunisada
Vice Chairman, TsubameSanjo Regional Industries Promotion Centre (Mayor of Sanjo City)
 Hideo Doi
Executive Director, Kyoto Design Association
 Minoru Nagahara
President, Ohken Industry Co., Ltd
 Junko Gennami
Director, JG International Consulting Limited
11:30 AM -
12:30 PM
(T16) Design Without Boundaries Sharing Session
Hong Kong is one of Asia Pacific’s leading design centres and creative cities. With strategic location and plentiful supply of resources, Hong Kong is not only a hotbed of local designers but also a preferred location for international designers to establish their brands and develop design business. "Design without Boundaries" campaign featured the design exhibits created by renowned international designers who are based in Hong Kong. Come and join their sharing and take a peek at their stories in Hong Kong.
Language: English (No simultaneous interpretation)
Venue:Inno Talks
Speaker: Michael Young
Founder, Michael Young Limited
 Katarina Ivarsson
Founder & CEO, Boris Design Studio
 Julie Progin
Managing Director, Latitude 22N
 Silvia Marlia
Director, Sand for Kids
 Frédéric Gooris
Principal Designer, Studio Gooris Ltd
Moderator: Johan Persson
Creative Director, C’monde Studios Limited
02:30 PM -
04:00 PM
(T2) Integrating Design into Brand Strategy, and What?
Speakers will share how good design contributes positively to their brand strategies and product development. Don’t miss the chance to be inspired through innovative design implementation and stand out from the crowd.
Language: English (Simultaneous interpretation in Cantonese, Putonghua)
Venue:Seminar Room A
Speaker: Luca Alessi
International Sales and Development Manager - APAC, Alessi
 Alex Bent
Managing Parter, District15
 David Brabbins
Associate Partner, Prophet
02:30 PM -
05:30 PM
(W3) 3D Printing Workshop: Bringing Your Designs to Life with Blender
Do you wish to make your own 3D figurine? The workshop will immerse you in a full 3D printing experience – learning the basic 3D modeling techniques by using Blender to making 3D objects for real life applications.
Language: Cantonese (Simultaneous interpretation in English)
Remarks: 1.Attendees should bring their own fully charged notebook PC with Blender software pre-installed.
2.Blender software is available for download at
Venue:The Studio
Speaker: Chris Leung
Marketing Director, DTSL Group
 Simon Ng
Technical Support Engineer, DTSL Group
 Simon Wong
Lecturer, Department of Art and Design of the YMCA College of Careers
03:00 PM -
04:30 PM
(T3) Hong Kong - Barcelona Dialogues: Best Innovation Practices
  • Innovation through eco-design
  • New trends and solutions in e-commerce
Language: English (No simultaneous interpretation)
Venue:Inno Talks
Speaker: Xavier Carbonell
Director, Mango Chair in CSR, ESCI-UPF
 Carlos Velazquez
Corporate Marketing Director, Roca Group
 Xavier Asensi
Managing Director - Asia Pacific, FCBarcelona HK Ltd.
 Màrius Rossell
CEO, TLG Commerce Ltd
 Stefano Passarello
Managing Partner and Founder, People & Projects
 Eric Yip
Advisor, The Bank of East Asia (China) Limited
Moderator: Doris Fong
Head of Creative Industries in InvestHK
05:00 PM -
06:00 PM
(T4) Dialogue with Creative Mind: Tommy Li
Mr. Tommy Li is the brand designer / consultant for the generation renowned for his “Black Humor” and “Audacious Visual” designs. Come join this inspiring session to be inspired by his creative journey and secrets behind the success.
Language: Cantonese (No simultaneous interpretation)
Venue:Inno Talks
Speaker: Tommy Li
Creative Director, Tommy Li Design Workshop
4 December, 2015 (Friday)
11:30 AM -
12:30 PM
(T10) Designing the Tourism of the Future Barcelona
Language: English (No simultaneous interpretation)
Venue:Inno Talks
Speaker: Jordi William Carnes
Chief Executive Officer, Turisme de Barcelona
12:45 PM -
01:30 PM
(T17) Dialogue with Creative Mind : ah Bu
Language: Cantonese (No simultaneous interpretation)
Venue:Inno Talks
Speaker: Bu Iu
Founder, Black Paper
Innovation for Business Track
4 December, 2015 (Friday)
10:30 AM -
11:30 AM
(T15) Why we should all stop working and start making?
Internet enables quick access to information and crowdfunding eases global financing. How have individuals been empowered to innovate in an unbelievable pace? How does the changing business environment reshape the mode of working in our society today?
Language: English (No simultaneous interpretation)
Venue:Inno Talks
Speaker: Cecilia Tham
Founder, Fab Cafe Barcelona
10:30 AM -
12:30 PM
(T6) Smart Manufacturing
It is time for manufacturers to re-think their production operations and be inspired by business cases of how traditional manufacturing can turn smart and trendy. The seminar will include ideas on smart and green production; re-engineer manufacturing processes using 3D printing, robotics and automation; digital and wearable tech; and Internet of things.
Language: English & Cantonese (Simultaneous interpretation in English & Putonghua)
Venue:Seminar Room A
Speaker: Ming Ge
Hong Kong Productivity Council, Principal Consultant
 SUN Dong
Chair Professor and Head, Department of Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering
Director, Center for Robotics and Automation, City University of Hong Kong
 Patrick Hui
Director, Consulting, PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting Hong Kong Limited
02:00 PM -
04:00 PM
(T9) Smart Retailing and Hospitality
The seminar will focus on how latest digital innovation and retail technology solutions can drive sales amid a competitive market environment and a more sophisticated customer community in the digital era. Our speakers will share smart and innovative solutions customised to suit the needs of different retailers and SMEs.
Language: English & Cantonese (Simultaneous interpretation in Cantonese, Putonghua & English)
Venue:Seminar Room A
Speaker: Alvin Lam
Group CEO, PacificLink iMedia Group
 Andrew Lee
Founder, Metta Communications
 Mark Panckhurst
Director, HEAD Architecture and Design Limited
 Otto Ng
Director, LAAB Limited
04:30 PM -
06:00 PM
(T12) Smart Business Data for Marketing
Through different channels and operations, data ranging from purchase pattern, product preference, reviews and feedbacks to usage are all metrics that may help business to formulate the next marketing campaign and customise for end-users. Speakers will analyse the effective use of big data in formulating marketing campaigns and achieving better business decisions for promotion.
Language: Cantonese (Simultaneous interpretation in English & Putonghua)
Venue:Seminar Room A
Speaker: Li Sai Chin
Director, Management Consulting, Data & Analytics, KPMG
 King Leung
CEO, CLiX Limited
 Francis Kwok
Founder, Radica Systems Limited
5 December, 2015 (Saturday)
11:00 AM -
04:00 PM
(T13) TEDxHK Salon "Smarter"
Are you living smart? How smart is your life?
The first ever TEDx dedicated event on personal and design innovation. A thought provoking day with global thought leaders, experts and professionals on wearables, smart homes, digital security, ideation and design innovation.
Language: English (Simultaneous interpretation in Cantonese & Putonghua)
Venue:Seminar Room A
Speaker: Edwin Keh
CEO, The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel
 Patrik Tykesson
CEO, Kumpan Electric
 Fiona Ching
Co-Founder and General Manager, MakerBay
 Laurel Chor
Hong Kong Multimedia Producer, Coconuts TV
 Martha Collard
Founder, Red Doors Studio
 Paul Lee
Co-inventor, Co-founder & Executive Director, Aumeo
 Sawaka Katalyna
Communications Expert, Social Technologist and Vocal Artist
 Caleb Ng
Co-Founders, Twins Kitchen
 Joshua Ng
Co-Founders, Twins Kitchen
Creative & Tech Start-ups Track
4 December, 2015 (Friday)
10:00 AM -
11:30 AM
(T5) Top Secret of Marketing for Start-up Business Trump
Is marketing always big-budget expenses for start-ups? The capability to market your innovative ideas becomes a trump card to new business success.
Language: Cantonese (Simultaneous interpretation in English & Putonghua)
Venue:The Studio
Speaker: Eudora Li
Mobile Partner Manager, APAC Yahoo, Yahoo! Hong Kong
 Gary Chung
Head of Sales, AsiaPac Net Media Ltd.
01:30 PM -
03:30 PM
(T8) Commercialising Innovative Concepts - The Investors' Perspectives
Sourcing project funding is the first challenge to put innovative concepts into practice. As an entrepreneur who has fascinating ideas, how would you manage to convince potential investors to buy your concepts and invest into them? Investors and industry experts will share their principles and strategies on how entrepreneurs can impress investors and pave the way for business success.
Language: English (Simultaneous interpretation in Cantonese & Putonghua)
Venue:The Studio
Speaker: Roland Yau
Investment Director, CoCoon
 Iain Reed
Chairman, EFA
 Karena Belin
Co-founded, W Hub
04:00 PM -
05:30 PM
(T11) A Journey to Success: New Designs and Inventions
Inventors, designers and makers to rewind their journey in commercialising ideas into sustainable business.
Language: English (Simultaneous interpretation in Cantonese & Putonghua)
Venue:The Studio
Speaker: Alireza Rastegar
President, International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA)
 Alex Ng
Executive Director, Smartgears Global Ltd.
 Gray Leung
Creative Director, Graphic Guides Design Company
 Edmond Wong
Founder, ITUM
5 December, 2015 (Saturday)
02:00 PM -
03:30 PM
(T14) Hong Kong-Taiwan Dialogues : 4G Mobile Commerce Application Services
Language: Putonghua (Simultaneous interpretation in Cantonese & English)
Venue:The Studio
Co-organisers: Hong Kong Trade Development Council
 Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs ,Taiwan
Supporting Partner: Taipei Computer Association
Sponsors: Supporting Partner: 4G Mobile Alliance Taiwan
 Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Assocation
Speaker: Alex Kun
Executive Committee Member, Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA)
 Darleen Chen
Deputy Director, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan
 Dr. Paul Huang
General Manager, LoFTechnology, Inc.
 John Lin
President, OmniBud INC.
 Wiley Lin
General Manager, Partner e-Commerce Co., Ltd.