World SME Expo

1. Innovation & Branding - The New Breed of SMEs
2. Discover Market Opportunities in Mainland China and Emerging Markets
3. Embracing The Latest Trend of E-Commerce
4. Dialogues with Celebrity
5. Global Economic and Financial Outlook: 2017
6. Hong Kong SME Innovative Award 2016 Awards Ceremony
7. "Support to SMEs: Mentorship Programme and Funding Support Measures of the Trade and Industry Department"
8. How to Recruit and Motivate the New Generation Staff?
9. Investment Opportunities for Commercial Properties and Shops
HKIFS Roundtable Meeting
HKIFS “Advice from the Wise” Seminar Series
HKIFS Brand Briefing Sessions
(P5) Solution for Your Business (II)

2 December, 2016 (Friday) 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM
Venue: Open Forum 3

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