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(33) How SME can be Benefited from the Use of Digital Marketing

3 December, 2010 (Friday) 02:45 PM - 04:55 PM
Venue: Seminar Room E
 Mr. Ken Fong
Chairman, Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association
 Mr. Raymond Yeung
Senior Sales Manager of Publications & E-Commerce, HKTDC
 Mr. Donald Chan
Vice-President, Cherrypicks
 Ms. Queenie Chung
General Manager, UDomain Web Hosting Company Limited
 Mr. Leo To
Director, Nuthon IT Soluions Limited
 Mr. Benny Leung
Chief Operating Officer, Green Tomato Limited
 Miss Sharona Ho
Business Manager, Marketing, Publications and Ecommerce Dept, HKTDC
Supporting Organisation
 Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association
Introduction: Marketing and technology has never been separable. From the invention of phone that has enabled call marketing, to the commonplace of Internet that empowers such businesses as e-commerce and email marketing, technology has played an important role in how companies can extend their customer reach and increase sales. This e-Marketing seminar provides an update on how recent technologies have opened yet an unlimited potential for SME owners to practice low cost marketing for a maximum profit. In particular, the seminar will focus on popular e-marketing techniques such as B2C marketing platform, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), relationship marketing, etc. Speakers will also share the ways of how audiences can take advantage of the emerging hot marketing tools like social media, Facebook, viral marketing and Smartphone app advertising to enhance workers’ productivity.