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NameCompanyCountry/RegionNature of BusinessAppointment
Aaron Kwok SEKO Logistics USA[C] Logistics & Transport Services
Aaron Liu Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (Commerce, Industry and Tourism Branch) HKSARG Hong Kong[C] Government
Aaron Sun Arup Hong Kong[C] Cross-border Investment, [C] Professional Services
Abdi Mohamed OSMAN ONTD DjiboutiTourism
Abdul Rashid Mohamed Ali Pegasus Education Group Ltd Pte Singapore[C] University / Academic Institute
abdulla alantali fujairah national group United Arab Emirates[C] Infrastructural Development, [C] Logistics & Transport Services, [C] Public Utilities and Energy...
Abdulla Al Darmaki Khalif Fund for Enterprise Development United Arab EmiratesDeveloping local Enterprises
Abdulla Al Saleh Ministry of Economy United Arab Emirates[C] Government
Abdullah Almobty Saudi-Chinese Business Council Saudi Arabiasaudi chinese business council
Abdulrahman Al Naqbi RAK Department of Economic Development United Arab Emirates[C] Government
Abel Jianying Zhao TravelFlan Hong Kong[C] Logistics & Transport Services
Abigail Zhang Raffles capital Australia[C] 国际贸易和制造业, [C] 基建及相关服务, [C] 物流管理及航运服务...
Abner Mok HSBC Hong Kong[C] Banking & Financial Services
Abraham Chun Yin Yam ABM Skin and Laser Centre Hong Kong[C] Professional Services
ABUL KASEM KHAN DHAKA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY Bangladesh[C] Association / Chamber, [C] Information and Communication Technology, [C] Infrastructural Development
AC Chung IFTA Hong Kong[C] Association / Chamber, [C] Banking & Financial Services, [C] Information and Communication Technology
Ada Wong Taiping Reinsurance Co., Ltd. Hong Kong[C] 專業服務, Reinsurance
Adam Barty Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer Hong Kong[C] Professional Services
Adam Harper HSBC Hong Kong[C] Banking & Financial Services
Adam Silverman Vannin Capital AustraliaLegal finance
Adela Mao Tower Chambers Hong Kong[C] Professional Services
Adelaide Yu Rouse Legal Hong KongLegal
Adi Harsono KADIN Indonesia Indonesia[C] Association / Chamber
Adley Sham Hong Kong Police Force, HKSARG Hong Kong[C] Government
Adrian Lai PricewaterhouseCoopers Hong Kong[C] Professional Services
Adrian Lai Des Voeux Chambers Hong Kong[C] Professional Services
Adrian Ng Lynk Global Hong Kong[C] Professional Services
Adrian Ort VTC Hong Kong[C] University / Academic Institute
Ady Law HKT Hong Kong[C] Information and Communication Technology
Afshin H. Livar The Iranian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong Hong Kong[C] Association / Chamber
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