Start-up Clinic

17 May, 2018 (Thursday) 02:00 PM - 05:00 PM
Venue: The Clinic
Clinic Doctors
 Mr Alvin Lam
Managing Partner, T12M Ventures Ltd.
 Mr Rono Kwong
Founder, Best Video Ltd.
Other doctors

Accounting / Financial Clinic Doctor
• Mr Victor Chow, Partner, Gary Cheng CPA Limited
• Mr Anthony Wong, Director, King On Management Consultants Limited
• Ms Annie Ho, Manager, Bentleys C.P.A. Company Limited

Branding and Marketing Clinic Doctors
• Mr Michael Chan Kwun Yan, Assistant Director, Intertek Testing Services Limited Company
• Ms Daisy Chow, CEO, Intimex Business Solutions Co. Ltd.
• Mr Henry Lau, CEO, Zoap Consulting Limited

Information Technology Applications Clinic Doctors
• Mr Wilson Ng, Sales Manager, Eastop Computer Consultants Limited
• Ms Emily Tang, Senior Product Manager, WTT HK Limited
• Mr Ryan Wong, e-commerce consultant, MOTIVE POWER Limited

When Start-ups are at their inception or striving for scaling up, they definitely got to face many problems, including those that have driven some start-ups out of business. These “causes of death” factors may include business model problem, legal issues, customer acquisition issues or simply ran out of cash, which are in fact avoidable or solvable. In light of this, “Start-up Clinic” will be launched in E-day 2018 to offer one-on-one customised business consultation/advisory services to start-ups, to help them avoid those common pitfalls. The Clinic will engage serial entrepreneurs and industry experts to address problems arising from three major areas, including Accounting / Financial Management; Information Technology applications; and Branding and Marketing, and help start-ups to equip themselves for business transformation.

WHO are “Clinic doctors”?
Serial entrepreneur/industry experts who are familiar in Accounting/ Information Technology applications/Branding and Marketing areas and able to provide professional advice.

WHO should participate?
Start-ups who would like to seek for business advice in Accounting/ Information Technology applications/Branding and Marketing areas.

*Definition of start-ups: Registered in Hong Kong for NOT more than 5 years

Please complete the registration form and email to Ms Vivian Luk at

*For registration, please click here