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Mr Chiang Sheng Yang
Presenter, Phoenix Satellite Television
Chiang Sheng-yang graduated with a degree in Communication Studies from the University of Michigan, USA. Upon graduation, he worked as a technical writer for a computer company in Silicon Valley, USA. In 2003, Chiang joined Phoenix Television as a show host. Since then, he has been responsible for many key news and information programs, including Chinese Channel's "Phoenix Evening Express", InfoNews Channel's "Decoding News Terms" and "The News Circle". Chiang is also responsible for presenting news as an anchor.

In October 2015, InfoNews Channel launched a new online news program called "The News Circle". Airing 15 minutes daily, the show centers on news events and scours the Internet for various kinds of content, gathering the unique views of global country leaders, representatives of international organizations and eminent figures on news events. Deeply involved in the show, Chiang developed a unique and causal talk show style with which he delivers a great amount of information to viewers at a fast pace.

Besides having a distinctive journalist image, Chiang frequently takes part in shooting the culturally themed program "Premium Spectacular". He participated in the reporting of "Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics " and "2010 FIFA World Cup South AfricaTM ", and has served as the host of entertainment and sports news programs. Chiang has extensive experience in hosting large events, as he possesses both a lively style and fluency in Chinese and English. With his informal American style, Chiang has hosted various large international events such as "Boao Forum for Asia", "FANTASIA Night of Fortune-Grammy Superstars Concert" and "Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition", the last of which he hosted multiple times. Chiang has also hosted important academic forums and seminars as well as major news conferences. Additionally, Chiang has served multiple times as the host of the Regional Finals and the Grand Finale of "Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant".
Navigating the Chinese TV Market
Date: 19 March, 2018 (Monday)
Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM